Dear 22…

Dear 22, As I’m writing this, it is exactly 17 days until I turn 22. Two weeks and three days. Nothing has changed but everything has changed in this last year. Nothing has changed I’m still introverted  I rather write than hang out in a large group. My dog is amazing  I have the same … Continue reading Dear 22…

Looking Through a Screen

It’s been over a year that my Instagram has been deleted. All three accounts. One, of course, was my personal account. Then I had my art account and finally an inactive one for a group that required it. At one point, I decided to combined my art and personal account together, but ended up deleting … Continue reading Looking Through a Screen

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection: The quality or condition of being perfectA few days ago I found a slim notebook with the words Summer 2018 scrawled across the cover. Before I even cracked the cover I knew exactly what was inside. There was one page with four lines written.Cut hairLose weightChange style Wear more makeupUpdate social mediaThat was my action plan for … Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect

Thank You Mom (…s)

Dear Mom,June 25, 1999. I don’t remember how I felt the day I entered into your life, I was aninfant. However, now I can tell you exactly what you should know.That date forever will be the day my life changed for the better. I’ve had three legal mothers over my life, my birth mother, my … Continue reading Thank You Mom (…s)

Dear Me

A Letter to my 21 year old self Background: I’m 11 year old writing to my future self. Flash forward 10 years. I’m less than a week away from 21. I find the letter stating clearly not to open till my 21st birthday…but by now you probably figured out that I did not wait. This … Continue reading Dear Me

A Day of Love

I always found Valentine’s Day to be a stupid holiday. However, I remember waking up every Valentine’s Day and coming down to a family breakfast. On my placemat was a card from my parents stating their love. This morning, my dad burst through the door to surprise my mom and I with roses, I was … Continue reading A Day of Love

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