Dear 22…

Dear 22,

As I’m writing this, it is exactly 17 days until I turn 22. Two weeks and three days. Nothing has changed but everything has changed in this last year.

Nothing has changed

I’m still introverted 

I rather write than hang out in a large group.

My dog is amazing 

I have the same core friends, for the most part

No social media, minus snapchat

Reading is a favorite past-time 

I am still as confused as ever about what is going on in my life.

Still can not spell February

Everything has changed

There’s a bit of a worldwide pandemic

Everyone wears masks

A lot of school is online

The Office isn’t on Netflix

On a more personal note:

Different college

Different major

I found someone that made me happy 

And I was diagnosed with autism

February 25, 2020

My best friend is over and as his birthday to me, we are watching a movie he likes, The Princess Bride. Afterwards we take a nap and it was a successful day of nothing. 

February 25, 2021

Today is the day. This morning I woke up and prayed for my birth mother. I thank her everyday for giving me the chance to live life to its fullest. Life has thrown curveballs and labels at me but I pushed through. And I will continue to do so. Life has also given me so many gifts. A family who I love dearly. The best cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents. It has given me the chance to make people laugh and smile and a chance to love. 

I’m currently sitting at a desk wearing a mask and it still feels surreal. I thought I for sure was going to Ball State for drawing but instead I’m working on psychology at PFW. 

I miss my extended family more than anything. I didn’t get to visit them but I’m so blessed that I have them to miss so much. 

But today is the day. I get to visit a museum I’ve wanted to for years with my favorite person. It’s going to be a good day. 


Yes. It’s a day you get older and celebrate the escape from the uterus. 

It’s also a day you get to reflect on all the blessings life has given you.

To Rosa:

Dear Mother, 

Thank you for giving me life and giving me the opportunity at a better life. I hope I would make you proud. I love you so much. Thank you.



To Mom and Dad:

Dear Mom,

You didn’t know me on my birthday except through pictures on that day in 1999. Yet you loved me and love me. Thank you for sacrificing much to raise me and support me. I love you more than words can express. Thank you for everything.



(Your favorite child)

Dear Autocorrect,

Thank you for helping me spell February and for all that you do for me. I love you more than you will ever know.



Enjoy some pictures from over the years 🙂

Pre-K with Dingbat
Summer before college 2018 (with Dingbat)
Prolife march 2020 with Mom
January 2021 with Miles

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