Thank You Mom (…s)

Dear Mom,
June 25, 1999. I don’t remember how I felt the day I entered into your life, I was an
infant. However, now I can tell you exactly what you should know.
That date forever will be the day my life changed for the better. I’ve had three legal mothers over my life, my birth mother, my foster mother and you. I’m so grateful for the first two but you are the one who truly deserves the title of Mom. You are my number one. I do joke around and say I have another mom, like my Segunda Madre. Then amazing moms of my two closest friends’ who show so much love and care.
(Seriously you both are awesome and I’m blessed I can call those two my best friends)
I’m not your biological child. What?!? I know…surprise!! But you chose me to call your own. There was a poem that I wrote when I was younger, I happened to stumble upon it a few days ago. It was about adoption…there was also one about an elf but not the point. I think his name was Steve McJingles or something like that.
Within my mother’s eyes I know that I am hers
I see the smile that breaks as her arms wrap around me People ask if she’s my mom and I grin and answer yes
She wasn’t the first to hold me
She wasn’t the first to hug me
She wasn’t the first to care for me
Now she’s the one that holds me when I cry
Now she’s the one that hugs me all the time
Now she’s the one who cares for me every second of everyday Now she’s the one I call my mom
She loves me and I love her
Thank you for watching me grow
Thank you for holding my hand
Thank you for being by side
Thank you for calling me your own
I don’t remember writing this but in some ways it sums up what I want to say. Now there’s more. Mom- It’s been quite a year and yet you are always right besides me. When people tell me that I’m growing up a wonderful young women I think Thanks Mom. You taught me to speak up. Still working on that. Even the slightest thing of speaking up in class makes you proud. You get up every morning even when you don’t have to. That habit influenced me to start my day earlier. Now I get so much done by 8 in the morning.
When I decided to stay home this semester you supported me. Now everyone is home but that’s besides the point. Staying home was one of the best decisions I ever made. I became closer to you and started to joke around with you. You proved to me pretty quickly that you have witty comebacks and even a joking insult to throw at me. Thank you for believing in me and reassuring me that a slower path in school is okay. Thank you for pulling me out of art school to pursue writing. Thank you for listening to my nonstop stories and laughing. Thank you for dealing with my sass and hyperactive self. Thank you for telling me I am beautiful. When I look at you all I see is a beautiful human inside and out. Everyday I am more and more grateful for you and all you have taught me. There is so much more I could say, but even writing fails me now. I am so blessed to have ended up with you and Dad as my parents. I forget I’m adopted regularly. That is because I know this is my family and this is where I belong. I love you forever.
Love, Annie

Dear Bio Mother,
I’m not quite sure what to write. So I will make it short and hopefully sweet. Thank you for choosing life. Thank you for letting me go to a life you couldn’t provide. I never ever forget you. Your photo is always close to my heart. You are the reason I am here. I love my adoptive parents beyond measure. I want to pursue writing but tried art at first. I thought it was a given but it wasn’t. I don’t know if I’ll ever meet you. I hope I would make you proud.
I love you, thank you for everything.
Dear Segunda Madre,
Hello hi I love you. Every single day I think about you and miss you tons. Thank you for letting me come down to your house for years on end. I always felt loved and enjoyed every second. Minus when Laz spit up on me. You taught me so much. Whether it was a recipe or enjoying the simple things in life. I miss seeing your smile everyday. It made me feel safe and I knew I could tell you everything. I remember the night I stayed over. The next day I hoped my mom would pick me up because I missed her. You were the one that did. I was sad at first but that was the day I started referring to you as my second mom. I was quickly able to smile because it meant more Gregory time…and better math help. I’m grateful for the years I got to play with Mary and Marta. They are the closest I ever got to siblings and I love them more than they know. I wish we could see you soon. Letters aren’t the same. I can’t wait to see you when we can.
Love you always,
To the moms of my best friends’
Hello hi,
I figured you both deserve thanks. Thank you for allowing me to reach out when I need it. Your words of care and support have helped beyond what you know. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me when I was upset. Thank you for letting my strange self hang out in your house sometimes. But most of all, thank you for the best humans I know. They put up with my antics and act goofy right next to me. They show love and unconditional care. Not to mention, they both give good hugs. All of you are blessings and I’m grateful to have you in my life.
Love you both.

Originally published 5/2/2020

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