A Day of Love

I always found Valentine’s Day to be a stupid holiday. However, I remember waking up every Valentine’s Day and coming down to a family breakfast. On my placemat was a card from my parents stating their love. This morning, my dad burst through the door to surprise my mom and I with roses, I was reminded once again of their love for each other and for me. I had to grin when I saw a huge smile on both of parents’ faces as they looked at each other. Although that sight made me happy, I also was a bit sad. I thought of my biological parents. After I was born, my biological father dipped out of the picture and there is nothing known about him. When I was old enough to be aware of what he had done, I was angered. I remained angry at him for a long time and sometimes I still am. I was mad at someone I don’t even know. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why. It could be the fact, he didn’t care. I think it’s because there is a void in my life. I want to know where I come from. I see my birth mother’s picture every day. When I think of him, I think of a black silhouette of a man that I will never know. A man that is a huge part of my life. But I love him. Maybe he doesn’t know I exist or doesn’t care but because of him I am here. He is a part of me and will always be. I love my birth mother. She gave me a chance to live. A chance to love. Without her, I would never be able to love my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncle, friends, my dog and so much more. I wouldn’t have the chance to look at my parents stupidly smiling at each other with love in their eyes. I could never hug them and tell them how much I love them. I know I have another family out there. But right now, I’m surrounded by so much love and beyond blessed with what God has given me. That’s all I could ever ask for. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you all.

Originally published 2/14/2020

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