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“Light it up Blue” or Not

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day.  This sounds like a wonderful day but it’s a day the autism community dreads. April as a whole is Autism Awareness month and I should be thrilled.  Social media “Lights it up Blue” and people post about inclusion when in actuality, most of the time they are doing … Continue reading “Light it up Blue” or Not

Dear 22…

Dear 22, As I’m writing this, it is exactly 17 days until I turn 22. Two weeks and three days. Nothing has changed but everything has changed in this last year. Nothing has changed I’m still introverted  I rather write than hang out in a large group. My dog is amazing  I have the same … Continue reading Dear 22…

Looking Through a Screen

It’s been over a year that my Instagram has been deleted. All three accounts. One, of course, was my personal account. Then I had my art account and finally an inactive one for a group that required it. At one point, I decided to combined my art and personal account together, but ended up deleting … Continue reading Looking Through a Screen

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